10 Ways to Get your Home Ready for Spring

10 Ways to Get your Home Ready for Spring

Taking care of your home as the seasons change is important to keep your home in good condition and keep your home's value up.  

1) Change your filters
Check all of the filters in your home and be sure to replace any that are visibly dirty.  Don't forget to check your water, air, range hood, and furnace. 

2) Clean Gutters
Cleaning out your gutters helps to prevent water from collecting near your home, in your crawl space or in your basement.  

3) Fertilize your Lawn
Give your lawn a boost for the beginning of the season to help weed out any unwanted variations in your lawn.

4) Exterior Cleaning
Wash your windows, give your outdoor furniture a good scrub and power wash the exterior of your home if needed. 

5) Indoor Decorations
Add a touch of spring inside your home with bright or pastel spring decorations and accents.   If decorations aren't your style, add some fresh flowers like tulips or lily's, or switch out a few pillows or blankets. 

6) Prep your outdoor equipment
Give your grill a good cleaning, refill your supplies (propane, charcoal, lighter fluid), and inspect your grill utensils for damage.  Service your lawn mower, weed eater, and any other outdoor equipment you regularly use. 

7) Landscaping
Spruce up your landscaping by bringing in fresh mulch or dirt and cleaning landscaping bricks.

8) Inspect/Repair Roof
Inspect your roof for damage or leaks.  You may need to hire a roofer to come out and make repairs. 

9) Clean your Dryer Vent
Dryer vents can get backed up with a large amount of lint from repeated use of your dryer.  This built up lint can be a fire hazard for your home.  Be sure to clean or replace your dryer vent on a regular basis.

10) Spring Cleaning
Wipe down your walls, baseboards, and other areas of the home that may not be part of your routine cleaning.  While cleaning, make room in your home by clearing out unused item.  Hold a garage sale to bring in a little extra cash or donate your items to charity.

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