7 Hacks for Decorating with String Lights

7 Hacks for Decorating with String Lights

Nothing adds holiday magic to a home quite like twinkling lights. Whether you go all out with the exterior lights or just adorn your stair rail with lit garland, I think you'll find these tips and hacks helpful:

  • Use zip ties to secure a string of lights to your railing. Zip ties are stronger than tape and much easier to clean up when you're ready to take the lights down.
  • To secure lights to roof shingles, use sturdy binder clips.
  • If you need to attach lights to a brick wall, use hot glue to attach plastic light clips.
  • If you don't have a good spot for hanging interior lights—no mantle or railing, for instance—why not light up the ceiling? Use command hooks to secure twinkling white lights to a narrow hallway ceiling to create a magical holiday path to the bathroom!
  • Transform your summertime tomato cages into DIY wire Christmas trees. Just turn the tomato cages upside down, wrap them in string lights (zip ties will come in handy here), and set them in your yard for a festive light display.
  • Wrap cords around a flattened cardboard box to keep them tangle-free for next year.
  • If you're short on time and energy, opt for a projector. It's easier and it uses less electricity than traditional string lights!

Check out this list of the best Christmas light projectors of 2022.

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