7 Holiday Decorating Tips

7 Holiday Decorating Tips

These tips will help homeowners strike the right balance between creating a festive atmosphere and keeping the focus on the property's features when decorating for the holidays.


Considered the heart of the home where everyone gathers, decorate the kitchen with timeless and neutral holiday decorations.  Be sure to use the same theme throughout the rest of your home!


Use soft and warm lighting. Twinkling lights and candles can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Avoid overly bright or colorful lighting that may distract from the home's features.


Create a welcoming entrance with a tastefully decorated front door. A wreath, some garland, and a few potted plants can make a great first impression.


Use subtle holiday scents and candles. Incorporate natural elements like pine cones and evergreen branches into your décor. These can add a touch of nature to your holiday staging.


Set the dining table as if you're hosting a holiday dinner. Use elegant place settings and centerpieces to showcase the potential for festive gatherings in the space.


Place warm, soft throws and blankets on couches and chairs. This not only adds a cozy feel but also demonstrates how comfortable the home can be in the winter months.


If the property has outdoor areas, don't forget to decorate them as well. String lights, a fire pit, or outdoor seating with holiday cushions can showcase the potential for outdoor entertaining.

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