Closet Organization Tips

Closet Organization Tips

Embracing the vibrant hues of Fall isn't just about sipping on pumpkin-spiced lattes and admiring the changing leaves; it's also the ideal season to give your closet a refreshing makeover! Review these 5 tips to help you get get your closets organized this season. 

1. Seasonal Swap-out. 
Start by removing all your summer-specific clothes. Decide which items to keep, donate or toss. This way, you'll create space for you fall and winter wear, and ensure that only the items you truly love and will wear remain.

2. Access Your Warmer Wardrobe. 
As you prepare for chiller months, pull our your warmer clothes and inspect for any wear and tear or see if they still fit comfortably. Having an organized closet means you won't spend precious morning minutes rummaging for that one sweater or boot.

3. Maximize Vertical Space. 
Take advantage of the height in your closet and utilize stackable storage or hanging organizers. This will not only keep your items easily accessible but will also ensure they retain their shape.

4. Categorize and Color-Coordinate. 
To make your closet visually appealing and efficient, group items by category (e.g., pants, sweaters, jackets) and then by color within those categories. It's not only aesthetically pleasing; it streamlines the process of finding that perfect outfit. And let's face it, when your closet looks good, you feel good!

5. Revisit Accessories. 
Fall is the season of scarves, hats, and other fun accessories.Dedicate specific sections in your closet or drawers for these items. Bins, baskets, or even wall hooks can be a stylish and practical solution. With dedicated space, you'll ensure that your accessories are easy to find and remain in good condition.


There's something incredibly satisfying about wearing an item of clothing that you effortlessly pulled from your organized and tidy space. Happy Organizing!

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