How To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

How To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

The benefits of keeping fresh flowers in your home are numerous. Flowers can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, add color and fragrance to the room, and even increase energy and creativity! So whether you’re given a bouquet on Valentine’s Day or you treat yourself to some blooms during your next grocery run, here are 7 tips for keeping those flowers fresh longer!

1) Start with a clean vase and clean clippers.
Wash with warm, soapy water to ensure bacteria and debris won’t affect the health of your flowers.

2) Remove any leaves that would be underwater in the vase.
This will help reduce bacteria growth.

3) Cut the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle.
This creates more surface area for water absorption and prevents the stem from sitting flush against the bottom of the vase (which could block the water from absorbing into the stem). After cutting, put the stems in water immediately before they can begin to form a seal.

4) Re-cut stems every few days, and replace the water every day.
Cutting the stems again boosts absorption, and replacing the water helps prevent bacteria.

5) Place your vase in an area of your home that receives indirect sunlight.
While some tropical plants prefer heat and humidity, most flowers will benefit from a cool and shaded spot that isn’t too close to your AC or heating vents.

6) Remove dying flowers and foliage.
Clip dead blooms to prevent them from growing mold and contaminating your healthy flowers.

7) Pop them in the fridge overnight.
 If the flower arrangement fits, putting the vase in the refrigerator at night will lengthen the lifespan of many flowers.

To learn more, check out Real Simple and Green Fresh Florals for more helpful articles.

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