Open House Tips For Both Buyers and Sellers

Open House Tips For Both Buyers and Sellers

As the spring market kicks off, it's important to know how to get the most out of Open Houses as the buyer and/or the seller. 





Tips for Buyers

1. Bring a checklist of what you require in a home: 
What are your must-haves?   Do you need a certain number of beds/baths?  Minimum square footage?  Fenced yard?  This will also help you when you are comparing the homes you liked

2. Ask questions!
Talk with the real estate agent about any questions that came up as you walked through the open house.  Don't be shy to bring up anything of concern that you may have noticed. 

3. Be observant and keep your eye out for red flags: 
Sometimes we get so focused on our must-haves that we forget to look for other potential dealbreakers.  Look at closet/storage space, privacy, the neighborhood/neighbors and look out for neglect, overpowering fragrance, and the quality of recent renovations.

4. Take notes (and pictures if allowed): 
Write down what you see or think as you are walking through the home.  What do you like, or not like about the home.  Take photos to support your notes if you are allowed to. 

5. Bring your agent: 
Bringing your agent with you will allow them to see/hear what you enjoy or don't enjoy about a particular home.  You will be able to ask them questions as you go and get their feedback or recommendations on what you are noticing during your walk through.

Check out this article from OpenDoor for what Questions to Ask or this article from Bankrate for checklist ideas.

Tips for Sellers

1. Strategically pick the date/ time of your open house: 
Check for local events that might intervene or prevent a good turnout for your open house.  Sunday afternoons are a very popular time to accommodate families and work schedules.

2. Take high quality photographs: 
Photographs are the first impression that buyers will see of your home.  High quality photographs will spark more interest in your home!

3. Advertise! 
Spread the word to family, friends, co-workers, and anyone who will listen! Ensure your open house is also posted on all social media outlets, in the MLS, and any other popular outlets in your area.  Make sure to share social media posts and encourage family/friends to help share it as well.

4. Prepare your home: 
Declutter your home, remove personal items and valuables from the home or make sure they are properly secured.  Give your home a good cleaning prior to the open house and use staging tips to make your home look more appealing. 

5. Make arrangements for you, your family, and any pets to be out of the home during the Open House: 
Make sure you made a plan of where your family (and pets) will go during the open house.  Don't forget to check the weather and make sure you have a plan B! 

Check out the full article from Clever on Open House Tips for Sellers


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