With the holidays upon us it's time to start thinking about some home improvements to help freshen up your home. 

From painting to landscaping, your home has a big impact on the look and feel of your home. To help you decide on some improvements, below are five ideas we feel are the best for the upcoming cooler temperatures and holiday season.  

Getting your home ready for Thanksgiving with a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for its appearance. Focus on rooms with lots of sunlight as they tend to show wear and tear more. A fresh interior paint job is not only a mood booster but also a thoughtful holiday gift for loved ones. Consider painting the dining room, family room, bathroom, and kitchen, where guests will likely spend most of their time.

Don't forget the exterior, including the deck, wood floors, stairs, and any surfaces facing winter's elements. Repainting can help extend the life of your siding and trim. Keep in mind that painting in extreme weather conditions, like excessive heat, rain, or cold, is not ideal. It's best to choose the right paint type and consult a local professional if you're unsure about the conditions or which paint to use for your home makeover.

Hosting a Thanksgiving feast where everyone shivers through their meal is far from ideal. Furnaces are the go-to heating system during cold winter months, rapidly spreading warmth throughout your home. Ensuring your furnace is in top shape is a smart home improvement move, especially if you plan on entertaining. A professional tune-up can maintain efficiency and keep your guests cozy. Running the furnace a few days before Thanksgiving is crucial to avoid any musty odors. By providing a warm indoor space, you'll create a comfortable atmosphere for quality time during Thanksgiving and the upcoming winter holidays.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times in most kitchens, and it's crucial to ensure your kitchen appliances are in top shape. Perform quick maintenance checks to avoid any unexpected malfunctions with your oven, fridge, or dishwasher. If issues arise, don't hesitate to hire a professional to get everything working smoothly before the big day.

To avoid being stuck in the kitchen all day, consider adding a high counter with bar stools where guests can gather, eat, and enjoy conversation while you prepare the feast. Open shelving units can also provide extra storage without taking up too much floor space, allowing guests to move around freely.

With your gutters in pristine condition, it's time to start your yard work project to create an inviting landscape for Thanksgiving guests. Begin by trimming the shrubs, shaping your greenery while removing dead branches to promote new growth.

Mowing the grass is the next step, keeping weeds at bay, deterring pests, and maintaining a healthy root system for thicker growth at the right height. Finally, don't forget to rake up those leaves. This prevents suffocation, reduces soil compaction, enhances air exchange, and stimulates new growth among other benefits.

Having a well-groomed lawn not only ensures its health and beauty but also leaves a lasting impression on your guests. 

 To truly embrace the spirit of happiness and gratitude during the season, adding holiday lights and decorations is the way to go. These additions can transform your living space into a festive haven.

You have options for both interior and exterior holiday lighting. Opt for LED lights for energy efficiency and cost savings while still making your home look stunning on a budget. When it comes to Thanksgiving decor, consider a corn husk wreath for your front door, a simple mantel display with an apple table runner, eye-catching fruit and vegetable centerpieces, painted pumpkins, dip-dyed candles, and more.

By incorporating Thanksgiving lights and decor, you'll make your home stand out, showcase your festive spirit, and immerse your family and guests in the season's joyful atmosphere.


To learn more, check out the Allinhomeinspections.com list of different home improvement ideas.

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