The Five Golden Rules of Dusting

The Five Golden Rules of Dusting

Dust bunnies aren’t nearly as cute as they sound. To make sure you get up every last speck of dust while you're cleaning, below are 5 must-know tips, courtesy of The Spruce

1) Use a microfiber cloth. The best fabric for dusting is microfiber, which actually catches and picks up dust (rather than just swishing it all around the room). A microfiber cloth is perfectly effective when dry, but you can use a cleaning spray if you prefer. If you want something with a handle, The Spruce recommends the OXO Good Grips Microfiber Hand Duster.

2) Start with the ceiling and work your way down. Invest in a microfiber dusting tool with a long pole so you can reach high places like ceiling fans and molding. As you wipe away dust, there will also be particles that fall, so it’s crucial to start at the top before moving on to lower surfaces. Once you’ve finished dusting all surfaces, give your floor a good vacuuming to pick up any dust that floated down.

3) For intense dust buildup, start with your vacuum. The best vaccuum cleaner for picking up dust is a lightweight canister vacuum with a strap. Use a HEPA filter to prevent dust from being blown back into the room.

4) For wood, always dry dust first. Water can damage wood, so it’s a good idea to start your dusting with a dry microfiber cloth. If that doesn’t get it completely clean, then you can go back over the surface with a damp cloth or a very small amount of furniture polish.

5) Prevent a breeze from blowing dust while you’re cleaning. Keep the windows closed and the fans turned off so the dust doesn’t go airborne while you’re trying to capture it.

*Remember, to keep your home consistently dust-free, you should dust once a week to keep it from building up. Do a deep clean at least once a month (or, for harder-to-reach areas, aim to dust every three to six months).

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