Why You Should “Reset” Your Living Room to Minimize Clutter

Why You Should “Reset” Your Living Room to Minimize Clutter

The living room is home to most of it and it’s starting to feel, well, a bit cluttered to be honest. It’s gone through a couple of seasons (and celebrations) already, so it certainly needs a bit of a refresh. 

Kick off a living room reset

The day’s assignment is all about refreshing your living space. It’s a big undertaking, so we’ve split this into two assignments so that you can truly give yourself time to think about it. So today, you’re going to strip the room down, taking as many items as you can out, then later on you’ll invite those pieces back, like putting together a puzzle. If you live in a small space or don’t have a designated living area, go with the room that you spend the most time in.

Start by removing a few unnecessary items at a time. Think moveable (small-size) decor pieces, an extra lamp, candles, pictures, magazines, books, etc. You want to take as much as you can out, but leave the essentials like your couch, throw pillows, chair, coffee table, and area rug. Just get things as close to bare as possible or what you feel most comfortable with. Put these items in a closet or bag — not the outbox! — and set them away in temporary storage space. 

Now, let your space breathe and give yourself time to see how you want to piece it back together. Who knows, maybe you’ll declutter some of those items and find new ones or decide to keep them all!

PRO TIP: This can be the perfect opportunity to take down all the Christmas decorations you haven’t gotten down yet. You can even spend some time decluttering your holiday items before they make their way back into their storage bins.

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